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Seymour CT native, and up and coming pop sensation CARA has been singing since she was in middle school.  After years of perfecting her vocals, she has taken the next step in her singing career and will be coming out with her first single entitled "Carousel".  She has performed the National Anthem in front of huge crowds attending the Bridgeport Bluefish baseball team, and is looking forward to performing her new single throughout the area. 


Electric Mayhem

CT Jam Band Legends Electric Mayhem started their journey in 1992 when long time friends Johnny Lee, Jay Zerella, Pete May, Pierce Guay and Rick Demko formed a project like no other in the area.  Since then, Electric Mayhem has played just about every major stage and festival in the entire north east. The band is currently taking a break from touring, however they do announce spur of the moment shows from time to time so be sure to check them out when they come around. 

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 Passing Strange

Passing Strange was born from the shadowy folds of human emotion, a passion for music, love, freedom, and truth. The musical stylings of this unique duo comprised of Drummer Anthony Paolucci, and Piano/Vocalist Katie Mirabella, are laced in jazz, bedazzled in blues, and brewed in a vat of indie rock.

The duo is currently writing material for a full length album, and are aggressively playing live shows all over CT and the surrounding area.  

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Cardboard Dream House

Cardboard Dream House is an all-original, 3-piece indie/punk/rock band from Southern Connecticut.  The band first surfaced in the summer of 2018 with a collection of whiskey-drenched songs, steeped in gasoline and heartache.  The Music of CDH is an obscene and gritty blend of classic Alice Cooper and make-up era Kiss meets Alan Parsons and Green Day.  Songwriter and front man Bobby Roberts delivers a greasy and raw vocal, and his lyrics depict the pleas and confessions of a seasoned musician who loved and lost too many times.

Amy Ozols

Amy is an Actress, Model and Country Pop Singer who will be recording and releasing 2 singles in 2020.  As a singer, she has participated in the prestigious New England Music Festival choir, worked as a cantor at Saint Ladislaus, and has been singing for as long as she could talk.  As a model, Amy is signed to Connecticut Modeling Agency Propel Models and has modeled for French Bull Designer Collections, Caren Forbes, Bang Energy Drinks, and Winged Monkey- just to name a few. She has walked the runway for CT Fashion Week, and she can be seen in magazines all across the country and is featured in Justbeu Magazine. 


DEMKOVIC is a darkly rich and dynamic musical experience brought to you by Richard Demko and Suzanne Vick.

Rick and Suzanne met in 2006 and performed together in the CT-based jam/funk band, Electric Mayhem. DEMKOVIC, however, is nothing like the music you might have heard from these two in the past.

Utilizing Rick’s incredible talents as a keyboardist, songwriter and producer, and Suzanne’s extraordinary vocal ability, DEMKOVIC is creating a style that's purely their own.  Vick & Demko desrcibe their sound as operatic rock and metal with elements of pop, Baroque, industrial, R&B and HipHop. 


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